1.     Who is the controller of your personal data? 

We inform you that the personal data that you provide us through the Platforms will be processed by Montajes Electronicos Escuder S.L (ESCUDER). with registered address at C/ Potosí, 2, Pol. Besos 08030 Barcelona – Spain, for the purposes described below.
You can contact ESCUDER’ Data Protection Officer (DPO), through the following address: .

2.    Which personal data do we process?

A/ Data that you provide:
ESCUDER will process the personal data that you may provide through the web sites and mobile apps that ESCUDER owns or makes available (the “Platforms”), depending on the use you are making of any of these Platforms. In this respect, you are informed that, in order to carry out certain actions or use certain services of the Platforms, you will be asked for personal data. The boxes indicated with an asterisk (*) are strictly necessary to perform the requested actions and/or to provide you with the services offered through the Platforms. Failure to provide such necessary information will entail the impossibility of performing the correspondent action or providing the aforementioned services.
You confirm and guarantee the veracity and accuracy of the data provided, and that these are adjusted to your current circumstances. In this sense, you agree to communicate any changes that may occur in them, in accordance with the procedure established in section 7. “What rights do you have when you provide us with personal data?”, reserving ESCUDER the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has provided false data, without prejudice to other actions that proceed in Law.
B/ Mobile app permissions:
Note that when you install our mobile apps in devices with Android operating system version 6.0 or higher, in order to perform door openings through the app by using Bluetooth technology, Android shall request you to accept and activate the location permissions. However, ESCUDER shall neither access to nor process in any other manner any such location information.

3.    Why and for what will we process your personal data?

You will now be informed about the purposes of the processing that ESCUDER will carry out on your personal data and the legal basis of said processing activities, depending on the specific Platform and section where you have provided the information.

A/ When you contact us through a contact form:

Platforms contain several contact forms where you can contact us to let us know about your queries and requests about ESCUDER, our products and services, our participation on events and any other ESCUDER related aspects in which you might be interested; as well as for issuing requests to downloading the documents that you have personalized through the Platforms.

The processing of the personal data that you provide through this contact forms is processed by ESCUDER and, based on its legitimate interest of contacting you back for answering your query or request.
If your request should be answered by one of our authorized local products and services distributor or by one of our commercial or technology partners, ESCUDER may communicate this data to ESCUDER’ partners corresponding to the geographical area where you are located (“ESCUDER Partners”), in order to guarantee a proper and efficient answer to your question or request.
In addition, provided that you give us your consent through any of the checkboxes available in the contact forms of the Platforms, we will use your data to keep you informed, by any means, including electronic means, about the products and services commercialized by ESCUDER that could be of your interest, and/or to communicate your data, to keep you equally informed.
B/ When you contact us for recruitment:
In case you are interested in joining the ESCUDER team, you shall give us your consent through the corresponding forms so that we process your application for recruitment purposes. We will use such data to manage your possible participation in the current selection processes, as well as to keep you informed of the possible selection processes in which you could fit in the future and manage your participation in the same.
ESCUDER may share this information with the purpose of considering your application for recruitment processes.
C/ When you subscribe to our newsletters:
Based on your consent provided through the subscription form, ESCUDER will use your data for sending the newsletters and/or alerts that you have subscribed in relation to the products and services commercialized by ESCUDER, as well as to keep you informed about interesting related news.
D/ When you are a user of our online services:

The Platforms also offers certain online services in which you will have to previously register in order to get access and use the available services; such as, ESCUDER web. In these cases, ESCUDER will process your data to manage your registration to the corresponding site or app as well as to provide the products and services that are linked to your account, including communicating information in relation to them. Note that given that some of these online services are fee-based services or restricted access services, not all Platforms users will be able to get access to such services.

The processing of your account data will be based on:
1. Contractual or pre-contractual relationship: When you have an existing relationship with ESCUDER as client, integrator, commercial partner or installer of our products and/or services. This will include any contact we may have with you in relation with this existing relation, as well as for confirming and managing your orders, deliver and provide the corresponding products, processing payment and rendering the contracted services.
2. Legitimate interest: When we use the data to maintain, develop and improve our products and services, as well as when we communicate with you to keep you informed about our products and/or services that could be of your interest.
In addition, ESCUDER may process some of the data processed through these online services as data processor on behalf of the data controller who has purchased or contracted ESCUDER’ products and/or services.
ESCUDER may communicate this data to ESCUDER Partners corresponding to the geographical area where you are located with the aforementioned purposes, in order to guarantee the provision of services according to the criteria established by ESCUDER and to ensure certain standards and quality of the contracted services, depending on the place where you reside.
In addition to the aforementioned specific purposes, ESCUDER may also process your personal data, if it is required to comply with our legal obligations (such as, complying with legally determined minimum data retention periods) as well as to communicate the data to public authorities, regulators or governmental bodies in those cases in which it is necessary to do so by law, local regulations or compliance with regulatory obligations.

4.     Who could receive your personal data?

In the terms described in section 3“Why and for what will we process your personal data?”, ESCUDER may transfer its personal data to ESCUDER Partners and to the required public authorities, in the terms set forth in said section.
Furthermore, ESCUDER relies on the collaboration of some third party service providers who may have access to your personal data and process it as data controller in the name and on behalf of ESCUDER for the provision of services. In this sense, ESCUDER follows strict criteria of selection of suppliers in order to comply with its obligations in terms of data protection and undertakes to sign with them the corresponding Data Processing Agreement, through which it will impose, among others, the following obligations: apply appropriate technical and organizational measures; process the personal data for the purposes agreed and taking into account only the documented instructions of ESCUDER; and delete or return the data once the provision of services ends.

5.    Will we carry out international transfers of your personal data?

The aforementioned recipients can be located, in some particular cases, outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In those cases, ESCUDER requires that said recipients comply with the measures designed to protect the personal data established in a binding contract, except in cases where the European Commission has determined that the country where the recipient is located provides an adequate level of personal data protection. You may obtain a copy of ESCUDER’ required measures by contacting ESCUDER at the address listed at the end of this policy.

6.  How long will we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal information for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. Therefore, the data storage periods depend on the purposes for which we collect it and use it and/or as required to comply with applicable laws as set out in our data retention policy.
Depending on the grounds for processing such data, we can distinguish the following general retention periods:
A/ When you contact us through a contact form:
Your personal data given through a contact form will be stored for the time strictly necessary to attend and process your inquiry.
In any case, if you have given your consent for receiving commercial communications from ESCUDER, your data will be kept until you express you want to unsubscribe and to stop receiving these communications.
B/ When you contact us for recruitment:
Your personal data may be kept for a maximum period of 3 years, or sooner if you communicate your desire to withdraw consent for the processing. Once such period has elapsed without you having become part of our team, we will destroy your personal data (including, your CV). But unless you indicate it otherwise, we will keep a record with your name and with the evaluation result of your selection process in order to manage in a more efficient way your potential participation in future selection processes.
C/ When subscribe to our newsletters:
Your personal data shall be processed until you notify us your decision of unsubscribing to such newsletters or your desire to stop receiving communications.
D/ When you are a user of our online services:
Your data will be processed as long as you keep being a registered user of any of our online services, unless you delete your account, or the contractual relationship that you maintain with ESCUDER is terminated by any reason; unless ESCUDER must retain such data for a longer period to comply with legally determined data retention obligations. In certain circumstances, ESCUDER may be entitled to remove your access to the online services.
In all the cases included in this section, once these deadlines have passed, we will proceed to the suppression of your personal data at the time in which all the necessary actions have been carried out to manage and terminate any obligation that may remain between the parties, carrying out in such period, all the necessary administrative procedures.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, your data may be kept properly blocked, as long as responsibilities for the execution of our relationship with you can be derived, as well as for compliance with other legal obligations.
In this regard, ESCUDER guarantees that it will not process the data unless it is necessary for the formulation, exercise or defence of claims or when it is required by the Public Administration, Judges and Courts during the period of prescription of their rights or legal obligations.

7.     What rights do you have when you provide us with personal data? Where can you submit a claim?

We inform you that in accordance with current legislation you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction, objection, data portability and not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, proving your identity (by means of a copy of ID or equivalent), through delivering an email to
Equally, you have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing based on your consent (i.e. processing B/ and C/ described in section 3) at any time by writing an email to the mentioned email address. However, the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.
If you believe that ESCUDER has not respected any of the aforementioned rights, you will have the right to submit a claim to the competent Control Authority.