Our little tree

The tree of Montajes Electrónicos Escuder
It has been more than 35 years since we decided to sow our seed in a small workshop in the heart of industrial Barcelona, the seed of our dream. The same seed that has made us the company we are today.
Attention, empathy towards our customers and our commitment to quality are our roots, they are the foundations that maintain our company and that, despite not being seen, have helped us to become the company we are today.
In the trunk we find our different business strategies, our working methods and our workers, who are the ones that allow us to stand firm in this sector, despite the difficulties.
From this tree blossom quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers. This allows us to harvest the fruits, which are the expansion of our company, profitability and recognition.
This small tree, which we have had in our offices for 4 years, reminds us day by day of all of the above. And that, just like it, we have been able to adapt to changes in order to continue growing, implementing sustainable, flexible and efficient working methods.
We are sure that our company will continue to grow with him.